Advanced Driver Assistance Systems + 
Camera Calibration
What is A.D.A.S?
A.D.A.S is a safety feature which relies on various sensors allowing the systems to “see” what is happening around the vehicle

Why Calibrate? 
Accuracy of A.D.A.S. is critical to the safety of the vehicle operator.  A calibration realigns the measurements in which A.D.A.S relies on to alert the operator of a potential hazard.

A.D.A.S Features
🍌 Lane Departure Warning 
🍌 Blind Spot Detection
🍌 Rear Collision Warning
🍌 Lane Keep Assist
🍌 Active Brake Assist
🍌 Park Assist
🍌 Forward Collision Avoidance
When to Calibrate a A.D.A.S System
🍌 Windshield replacement 
🍌 Collision repairs
🍌 Wheel alignment
🍌 Change in tire size 
🍌 Repairs to a car roof that has a sensor bracket mounted

Types of Calibrations
🍌 Dynamic
🍌 Static
🍌 Dual

*Dynamic calibrations can be completed onsite.  
*Static / Dual completed at Boise location
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